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Financial Services Guide

Important Information

Please note that following the completion of the share acquisition on 1 April 2015, Steadfast Group Limited (SGL) now wholly owns CHU.

We have access to shared services from SGL, including compliance tools, manuals and training as well as legal, banking and group purchasing arrangements. SGL may fund, subsidise or charge a fee for these services.

SGL has arrangements with some insurers under which SGL may receive between 0.5 & 1.5% commission of the base premium paid (excluding government charges) for each product arranged by us and our authorised representatives with those insurers. SGL may share part of that commission with us.

SGL’s financial services guide is available at or on request by telephoning SGL’s Company Secretary on 02 9495 6500.

We are also updating our publications to reflect these points.

Financial Services Guide for Direct Clients

Financial Services Guide for Authorised Representatives