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Leading strata insurer launches initiative to help customers when disaster strikes

Leading Australian strata insurer CHU today announced the launch of an innovative business unit to help customers get back on their feet quickly after disaster strikes.

CHUAssess is an agile, internal loss assessment team, owning on-site assessment and settlement.

The team is able to provide on-site approval of works to panel builders, speeding up the start of repairs

CHUAssess will also improve the speed of settlement, with decisions made on the assessor report rather than later by a claims consultant.

“The need for speed is vital for strata owners and their tenants when disaster strikes. Not only is it important for those living in the property but also for strata owners who rely on their property as an investment,” said Mr Andy Martindale, CHU’s Head of Claims.

“CHU’s goal is to drive good customer experience. The decision is made on the spot by a CHU assessor, so that the claim is handled by the assessor not claims consultant, removing another layer in the process.”

Mr Martindale added, “Besides the establishment of CHUAssess, CHU has been working hard for some time in other ways to provide a speedy service when clients are in need. The ‘moment of truth’ – paying the claim as quickly and smoothly as possible – is crucial.

“A fast track claims service was achieved last year by the introduction of CHU’s Strata Service Centre (SSC), which is able to triage claims when they are lodged. Simple claims can be processed immediately.”

Mr Martindale said CHU’s aim was to lodge and process 95% of simple claims within the first two hours. CHU had consistently outperformed that target. Likewise, it had outperformed its 95% target of finalising a simple claim in one day.

CHUAssess was trialed for five months and is being rolled out to NSW this month, with other eastern states to follow.


For further information contact:
Anne-Maree Paull
Chief Customer Officer
+ 61 (0) 28923 5341