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Landlord rights

What rights do landlords have?

Most standard rental agreements allow landlords to:

  • Set the rental price
  • Collect a bond (some maximums apply)
  • Set an agreed start and finish date of the agreement
  • Give notice to conduct inspections 
  • Give notice to enter the property to make repairs
  • Require tenants to take good care of the property
  • Apply for a bond to be withheld to cover damage or rental arrears

CHU Landlords Insurance covers you for the actual cost of repairs, rent recovery, legal liability to others and more.

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Achieving mutual respect

The best tenant-landlord relationships are ones built on clear communication and a mutual understanding and respect of each other’s needs. The landlord wants a secure, appreciating investment bringing in a reliable and healthy income with minimal fuss. Tenants want a place to call home that’s not only private and comfortable but also properly maintained.

It should not be a difficult balance to achieve, especially if everything is made clear in the initial tenancy agreement and both parties comply with their legal obligations.

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